Television Maldives

Television Maldives, the National Television channel is the known leading channel of the Maldives which broadcasts nationally. We bring you the most recent news, current affairs and variety of entertainment programs from every corner of the country. With the objective to reach to the whole nation, the channel focuses on both genders and all ages.



Dhivehiraajjeyge Adu

Dhivehiraajjeyge Adu is the premier radio channel of PSM. As a public service broadcaster, the channel's content is based on educating, informing and entertaining listeners. Established on 29th December 1962, Dhivehiraajjeyge Adu is transmitted on MW 1449 KHz and FM 89.0 MHz remains one of the most trusted sources for news and information.



Dhivehi FM

Dhivehi FM is the music radio channel of PSM. Formed on 1 April 2006, the channel mainly offers entertainment programs targeting youth. Public service messages and awareness issues are often highlighted through entertainment programs. Dhivehi FM is the only local FM channel that is transmitted to more than 80% of the country via FM signals.




YES TV is a channel owned by Public Service Media and was launched in 2016. The channel is based on programs for youth, entertainment and sports. The channel focuses on enhancing talent, work and skills of youth and focuses on broadcasting entertaining programs. The channel shows various sports programs and has a team of sports analysts as well.




Public Service Media’s first initiative under print media services, Maldeeb is the first and only weekly magazine in the Maldives at present. Maldeeb aims to bring its readers a wide variety of content in both Dhivehi and English, which includes writings on social issues, development, sports, travel and more.



Dheenuge Adu

Dheenuge Adu is a 24 hour radio channel by the Public Service Media of the Maldives, established on the 29 December 2015. With a target audience of all ages and gender, Dheenuge’ Adu is aimed at delivering content that would strengthen awareness on Islam as a religion. The broadcast of Dheenuge’ Adu can be received at 90.0 MHz.



Public Service Media’s Islamic television channel, Munnaaru, was launched on 29 December 2016. The channel focuses on enhancing the Islamic knowledge of the viewers and strengthening their Aqeeda. We target to further develop the content and offer a variety of Islamic programs in order to make the channel a 24-hour broadcaster.


Maldives TV

The first ever destination channel in the Maldives, the ‘Maldives TV’ brand was officially launched on 7 November 2016 at WTM London. Maldives TV is also the first international channel in the Maldives. The channel is mainly targeted at tourists, who wish to explore the beautiful archipelago and experience the rich culture of the Maldives.