The Company

Public Service Media

The Public Service Media (PSM) was formed as a Public Service Company under the Public Service Media Act (9/2015) on 28th April 2015. PSM is the official State Media in the Maldives. The Public Service Media Act obligates PSM to provide TV, Radio, Online and Print Media services to the general public; along with creating media personnel. PSM’s basic responsibility is to create awareness among the public in providing news and infotainment.

The Maldivian traditions, culture, ideology and their values are the factors that shape the services provided by the Public Service Media. PSM strives to sustain the spirit of nationality and peace and harmony in the society. The Public Service Media reserves the right through the Public Service Media Act to provide their services for commercial benefits; having given their public services freely to the citizens. Currently PSM Owns, TVM, Dhivehi Raajeyge Adu, Dhivehi FM, Majlis Channel and Maldeeb weekly magazine.

Prior to the formation of PSM, Maldives Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) was tasked with the operation of the Public Service Broadcaster from 14th February 2012 till 27 April 2015. Preceding that, the state media was operated under the umbrella of Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation (MNBC) from 22nd December 2008 to 13 February 2012. Until 2008, the State Radio and Television were operated as separate bodies. The Maldives introduced radio services on 29th December 1962, while the TV service began on 29th March 1978.

Our Offices

Public Service Media
Radio Building
Ameenee Magu, 20331
Male', Maldives
Tel: +(960)300 0300
Fax: +(960)331 7273
Television Maldives
Buruzu Magu, 20144
Male', Maldives
Tel: +(960)300 0428
Fax: +(960)331 7273
Board of Directors
Ibrahim Umar Manik
Ibrahim Hilmy
Vice Chairperson
Mohamed Ikram Abdul Latheef
Deputy Managing Director
Ibrahim Khaleel
Managing Director
Aminath Shaayan Shahid
Deputy Managing Director
Mohamed Shagil
Mahmood Ali
Heads of Departments
Mohamed Saeed
Chief Operation Officer
Mausooma Yoosuf
Chief Financial Officer
Ibrahim Rasheed
Chief Content Officer
Hussain Shuhaad
Director Engineering
Mohamed Shakir Abdulla
Director Radio
Mohamed Niyaz
Director TV
Abdulla Rameez
Director News
Ibrahim Nasreen
Director, E-Commerce and Marketing
Ibrahim Rameez
Director HR