Wednesday, 23rd October 2019

Maldives Media Institute

Maldives Media Institute MMI , the higher training institute registered as a subsidiary company of Public Service Media, has been actively implementing its mandate .

It celebrated this month , the completion of four more batches of Training . They include :

  • Certificate 3 in Ladies Dressmaking - Batch 1 - 11 students
  • Certificate 3 in Journalism -Batch 3 - 11 students
  • Certificate 1 in Tv Production- Batch 2 - 11 Students
  • Certificate 1 in Tv Presenting and news reading - Batch 1 - 5 students
  • Several other batches of training were also  completed earlier this year .
  • They include :   
  • Certificate 1 in TV presenting and News reading
  • Certificate 1 in TV production
  • Certificate 3 in Journalism 
  • Mid Term Holiday Programs
  • Madhaha Recital Program
  • Indian Music Workshop
  • Tele-drama Workshop 
  • Few more courses are  also ongoing . They include : 
  • Certificate 3 in Broadcast Management
  • Certificate 3 in Ladies Dressmaking

MMI was established following the ratification of Media act under section 49 of Public Service Media act 9/2015. MMI was registered on 05th November 2015, to create the required talent pool for the whole media industry .

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression is a new fundamental right introduced to Maldives via the Constitution enacted in 2008. Since the implementation of this new Constitution, media sector in the country has transformed immensely. The media sector controlled by the state has been opened to active participation of private parties, and overnight the number of participants in the sector increased creating the demand for a trained talent pool.