Maldivian Idol

MaldivianIdol is the first franchised show in Maldives which is judged by a panel of judges consisting of experienced prominent musicians of the country; Mariyam Unoosha, Ibrahim Ali and Ahmed Ibrahim. Fremantle Media will be providing all technical consultancy fro Maldivian Idol and necessary technical personnel will be trained abroad for the show. Maldivian Idol will be marketed through all the mediums of Public Service Media, which includes; TV, Radio, Online and Print Media.

Filmy Udhares

Filmee Udhares is an entertainment show which focuses on the Maldivian Film Industry. Well into more than 700 episodes, Filmee Udhares has been the leading program that has been bringing all the latest news about the local cinema and the lives of celebrities to the viewer’s home. Viewers have been tuning in to this program for its honest reviews by bringing them one on one chats with the producers, directors and actors. Filmy Udhares has a colorful and proud history of being the first place where many of the celebrities have unveiled their first, newest, best and biggest cinematic projects.


Heyyambo started as a weekly entertainment show on TVM which became an instant hit with the viewers. Heyyambo was labeled as a show that whole family could watch together and enjoy on Friday afternoon. Over the years the show has gone through different make-overs and has been hosted by the very best of the presenters at TVM. The show had live bands perform on set, met with literally hundreds of Guests on the show (i.e.: “Heyyambo Mehemaan”) that has been constantly offering insight in to their lives and inspired the viewers with their achievements.